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One of the most valuable ways in which one can be involved with UCL Club of Beijing

Your Connection to UCL in Beijing

The UCL Club of Beijing exists to serve the UCL community in China, particularly that in and around Beijing. We are one of the longest standing and most well-established clubs in Beijing. The Club is officially recognized by the University College London.

The UCL club of Beijing Members and associates receive invitations to Club events and their participation is at a discounted rate. Our membership includes graduates from all schools within UCL. The Club organizes annual ball in Beijing. Whether you are a long-term resident of Beijing or just visiting, the club is a great way to connect with fellow UCL alumni.

Membership Types

1.Regular Member

Regular Member is open to all UCL alumni, including degree holders and certificate holders. Regular Members are full members of the UCL Club of Beijing and may attend all events held by the Club.

Club dues are assessed annually and are valid for the corresponding calendar year.

Annual Dues: 500 RMB

2.Associate Member

If you have been a Visiting Fellow at UCL, or if you currently have an academic affiliation with a UCL research institute, or if you have attended a non-degree program at UCL, you are eligible to become an Associate.

Annual Dues: 800 RMB

3.Prospect Member

If you are a Current Student at UCL, you may apply to become a Prospect and receive updates on our club events.

Annual Dues: Free

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