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Beijing Changping Shengxue Library (formerly known as Love Library) was founded by Xu Jixin in April, 1999. On 28th November, 2013, the library was formally granted the registration certificate of Civil Non-profit Institution (legal person) by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Beijing Changping District, after being approved by the Cultural Commission of Beijing Changping District.

Shengxue Library has always committed to public welfare and taken root in rural areas in a bid to give farmers and their children good books to read since its 18-year-long establishment. In 2016, we carried out the Shengxue Mobile Library plan so that we can bring books for those who need reading and make full use of books. We will open hundreds of mobile libraries in Changping District. At present, we have built four mobile libraries and set up classroom book corners for 2 primary schools. However, the limited numbers of books cannot cater the needs of increasing numbers of readers. So we put forward suggestions: we hope you can donate idle books to Shengxue Library.

One useful book can light a lamp for kids. We sincerely call on you to offer your warm hands, spread your caring love, clean your bookshelf, and give your idle books to kids in rural areas. We hope more and more people can join us and spread our caring love!

Donating a book leaves a love in the world. Both hundreds of books and one book can play an important role. Small streams could converge into the sea, a little love could touch people for a lifetime. Just like an old saying goes that roses given, fragrance in hand. You are expected to donate books not only for yourself but also for others and for the country. Used books and new books are both welcome. Donating a book pass on a love and makes it possible to realize a dream, by which the value of your books can be utilized better!

The contents of the books should be healthy and suitable for all levels of people to read. Any types of books are knowledgeable, scientific, artistic, entertaining, healthy progressive that contribute to the physical and mental development of young people. The scope of the books is unlimited. We accept social donations all the year around and sincerely look forward to your active participation!

"51Give Charity Fund"

"51Give Charity Fund" was founded in 2007 with headquarters in Beijing, and its full name is called “China’s Social Welfare Foundation 51Give Charity Fund ". It is a service platform that focuses on providing welfare services for the Foundations, the charitable organizations, enterprises and individuals.

Business scope: With the national qualification of public offering qualification, provide IT support, spread public welfare culture and concept, and carry out social welfare related work.

51Give Dream Plan

Since its launch of the public welfare project to solve the social problem for the purpose, it has helped the children of Wuxi Welfare School to achieve the dream to visit Shanghai Disneyland Park, built the Love Libraries for several primary schools of poor areas, and provided volunteer service for Beijing Angel’s Home and many other caring love activities.

About 51 Give Dream Plan

Initiator --- 51Give Public Fund Project Team

Executor --- 51Give Executive Team

Receiver --- Beijing Changping Shengxue Library

Receive Institution --- China Social Welfare Foundation, 51Give Public Fund

Management Institution --- China Social Welfare Foundation

Support Institution --- UCL Club of Beijing and other communication agencies, enterprises, media volunteers, etc.

At the beginning of the new school term, UCL Club of Beijing appeals to all of the alumni to contribute books for the children in rural areas of Changping as a meaningful autumn gift for them to enjoy the knowledge-sharing happiness!

Donation period: Sep 15, 2017 – Nov 15, 2017

By that time, we will call on volunteers to send the books to Beijing Changping Shengxue Library and the follow-up report will be done.

You can send or deliver the books to us: Room 613, 6/F, Block B, Luoke Times Center, Building 103, Huizhong Lane, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Contact: Ms. Yang / +86 159 02221464 (Mobile/Wechat), or Reception Desk transfer to Ms. Yang.