UCL Club of Beijing


On November 11, 2017, the UCL Annual Ball hosted by UCL Club of Beijing and Western Returned Scholars Association Central and Eastern Europe WRSA was grandly held in Beijing Four Seasons Hotel. 343 Alumni and guests attended the magnificent gala and 1.18 million audience watched the ball through live broadcast via YIZHIBO and Sina Weibo. Just like last year, the ball was remarkable and with new features. Come with us to review the wonderful moments:

The ball was held in the Imperial Hall on fifth floor in the hotel. The theme was “Europe”, with every table named after main cities of EU members.

This year, we prepared some surprises for our attendees. For example, 500 cocktails mixed with Chinese hard liquor presented by our sponsor GUOJIAO 1573.

Prof. LIU Yuening, Vice President of Western Returned Scholars Association and Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China and President of Central & Eastern Europe WRSA, gave a welcome address after the ball’s opening.

Then came the President and Provost of UCL, Prof. Michael Arthur, who gave a speech. This is the second time he came in person to support the annual ball. In this year, he even brought a delegation with more than 10 senior representatives from UCL to attend the ball, among whom, the Dean of the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences, Prof. Alan Thompson presented a short theme speech on Neural Science and Brain Science frontiers.

Apart from the above guests, we have invited celebrities and institutional representatives from various areas including: Madam. CHENG Donghong, Vice President of Western Returned Scholars Association and Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China; and President of WRSA USA Club, Prof. ZHAO Yanfang; Vice President of Central & Eastern Europe WRSA; Mr. GU Qifeng, Executive Dean of National School of Development at Peking University; Mr. XIAO Longjun, Vice Chairman and Executive Standing Secretary General of China Social Welfare Foundation; Zhang Xueyan, Deputy Secretary-General of China Social Assistance Foundation; Pu Tongxia, Director of China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation; Yang Zi, Principle of Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China; Wu Yujie, China Charity Alliance; Li Bian, Vice President of CCAFC APEPCY Fund Administrative Committee Beijing Changier Education Foundation. These foundations are UCL Club of Beijing’s preferred Charity partners.

After the speech, Prof. Michael Arthur invited all attendees to toast the opening of our party. With all the guests enjoying delicious cuisine and wine, performance of Chinese and Western styles started.

Performances from wild grassland song of Inner Mongolia, Yangqin Ensemble, JIUDAO Display, Kongfu and Super Orient Course Morin Khuur Orchestra “World Famous Anthem” showed Chinese culture.

What was remarkable in this year’s gala is the performance of our alumni. We were so delighted to showcase their talents. We had onstage a mermaid with nightingale’s voice, an elegant hostess and a passionate drum player.

We also had a team building game “Spade meets Heart” with aim of strengthening communication between the guests. The best teams won exquisite gifts provided by the sponsors of GUOJIAO 1573, The British House, Four Seasons Hotel, Mufeeling, 90 Plus Wine Club, Taiwei Golf Club, Rong Xin Talor and the Near White.

After the game, we opened the dance floor. We all danced to the music of “Aguanile” led by our experienced Salsa teachers Tatico and Naomy.

The party lasted until mid-night and ended with guests joining the UCL Club of Beijing Volunteers After-Party at the Equis Bar. We hoped every attendee had spent a memorable night with each other. We thank all the support from you and will work harder to provide more events. Please scan the QR code to contact us.