UCL Club of Beijing


This year’s annual party is held on the special 11.11, known for “Single’s Day” or “Online Shopping Day”.

Established in 1826, University College London is one of the world's leading multidisciplinary research universities and named together with Oxford and Cambridge as one of the UK G5 super elite universities. The University bolsters 32 Nobel Prize winners amongst its alumni.

The Campaign has been successfully launched in Los Angeles followed by a range of events held in San Francisco, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and finally Beijing. Guests attending the fundraising dinner in Los Angeles include Christopher Nolan, director of the film Inception, and Demis Hassabis, co-founder of the artificial intelligence company DeepMind acquired by Google in 2014, both of whom are UCL high profile alumni. Initiated on 5th November by UCL Club of Beijing with 350 alumni turning up, the 2016 UCL Annual Ball in Beijing is the largest launch event in Asia and also the largest of the global Campaign for UCL series.

We believe this year’s Annual Ball will be even cooler. This year we decided to set the party on the special day (11.11 Single’s Day) so we can all go with friends rather than lovers. We suggest you see this event as a place where you can meet your partner and find a good conversation, instead of hanging around and talking to someone you don’t know about the weather.

Meanwhile, registered alumni from the same industry will have interaction opportunities in this year's annual ball. For example, alumni interactions are categorized into architectural design/law/finance/internet sectors, etc. Junior alumni thus have a chance to meet senior alumni, which will boost the communication between the two sides and help the career development of junior alumni.

You might be curious about the confidential VIP guest list, last year we invited a list of outstanding UCL alumni from different fields. Except for our Principal and Provost Michael Arthur and his wife Elizabeth Arthur and other 8 UCL representatives, to mention a few of them: Honorable Professor Wang Enge, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Long Yuxiang, member of Committee of Foreign Affairs of CPPCC and Executive Chairman of CICCC; Senior Colonel Zhao Yanfang, Deputy Secretary General of the Central and Eastern European Branch of WRSA; Martin Liao from Hong Kong, SBS, JP, NPC Deputy, Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Steward of The Hong Kong Jockey Club; Hong Kong Alumni Henry K. H. Wang, FRSA, FIChemE, C.Eng, International Advisor & Author, Managing Director of Gate International Ltd; Andrew Ng, President of UCL Club of Hong Kong, Founder of Solicitor & Notary Public of Andrew W Y Ng & Co. and Luo Zhuohui, VP of the UK WRSA, Board Director of WRSA, Li Guangdou, Branding Strategy Expert, Brand Consultant of CCTV.

Notable guests also included: the big sponsor Sam Zhang, Executive Vice President of JX Zhao's Group; Wang Pingzhong, renowned architect of the “Meng Xiang Gai Zao Jia”; Wang Bo, Partner of Galaxy Internet; Shen Hailun, Partner of Tianlangxing Capital; and alumni from Ningbo, Guangdong, Chongqing, Shanghai and Taiwan joined the UCL Annual Ball. High profile alumni Zhou Shouzi, CFO of Xiaomi, and Lou Jun, Partner of IDG Capital, both sent their congratulations.

The UCL annual ball last year is the first held in China, but the largest and highly praised from all guests present or viewers of the live broadcast, which resulted in 0.35 million PV.

Let’s look back what was going on last year.

With the British Rock Band Nancy and The Fantastic warming up the ball, you might still remember London Eye’s New Year countdown, those rock songs, and the familiar “Mind the Gap”.

The president proposed a toast and the ball started.

China tradition folk dance, Pavane, is very incredible.

Water Drum Dance is a special folk dance portraying a prayer ritual to avoid natural disasters.

Acrobatics Quintessence of Chinese culture, like the Beijing Opera.

Folk Art by NACTA illustrates the Chinese figure Money King, in fairy tale. The festival background brought us to the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Do you remember how did you celebrate Chinese New Year in London? How did you still turn on the online live broadcasts at 16:00 even though you never watched the Spring Festival ceremony whilst living in China before?

Gongfu by CIPE,in different genres.

The most popular part is the Salsa dance. Last year, the live teaching Salsa was very successful by Liz Balloqui from Mexico and Yuro from Cuba. We have extended this part this year as it was so popular. There will be different Latin dance styles and choreography.

The president and wife, dancing with all alumni. Para~Para~paradise~~~

Over 350 alumni participated in the Annual Ball last year, all the tickets were sold out within a week, and the embarrassing situation happened that tickets were hard to be purchased. So, we had to arrange some alumni who registered late in the waiting list. This year, there will be many more seats for you in advance, but we should still remind you to buy tickets as soon as possible as our alumni group list is larger this year. And this year, the name list would be just as influential and inspiring as last year. President & Provost Michael Arthur, Professor Alan Thompson and notable guests will attend the ball. We look forward to meeting you on 11.11!

On Nov. 11, the first special China Graduation of UCL will be held in Beijing Four Seasons Hotel. In our Annual Party, we will witness this magnificent moment together!

We will make fundraising for the costs this year, thanks for the support from all of you.

Time: 18:00, 11/11/2017

Venue: Imperial Ballroom, fifth floor, Four Seasons Hotel, No.48 Liangmaqiao Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

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