UCL Club of Beijing

Alumni Drinks at Zeta Bar, 25th November, 2011

Prof Xiao Guo (UCL's Pro Provost for China), John Burnett (UCL Graduate Marketing Manager), Alex Mills (UCL Laws) and Prof Robert Brown (UCL Orthopaedics Department) joined a lively group of UCL alumni for drinks at the Zeta Bar in Beijing in November. This was the largest gathering of UCL alumni in Beijing to date.

Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: Hilton Beijing
Alumni: 70
Event Type: Cocktail Party


  • Alex Mills, UCL Laws
  • John Burnett, Manager, UCL Graduate Marketing
  • Robert Brown, Professor, UCL Orthopaedics Department
  • Zhengxiao Guo, President, UCL Pro-Provost China was present to share the latest news and developments from UCL