UCL Club of Beijing

The First PPP Forum Led by UCL in Beijing

Establishing and promoting PPP mechanism is an important method to facilitate the modernization of the public governance capability. PPP model is originated from the UK, which has rich experience in institutional design, project application, academic research and so on. The UK PPP system has also become example for other countries worldwide to learn. In recent years, the governmental and civil communication between China and UK has grown highly frequent. The two countries have decided to build a comprehensive global partnership facing the 21st century, starting a golden era of long-lasting, open and win-win relationship.They have also proposed to strengthen the bonds of infrastructure alliance. UCL and its alumni have always been playing active roles in China-UK communications as good-will ambassador. The 2016 International Beijing PPP Forum led by UCL was successfully held on 28th and 29th March 2016 in Tangla Hotel Beijing.

The photo of some VIP and experts attended the opening ceremony

The forum was strongly supported by the British Embassy in China and relevant authorities of Chinese Government, generously sponsored by British Embassy in China Prosperity Fund Project. The forum topic was announced as: new concept, new development -- developing a healthy PPP mode in the context of China, with reference to the best international practice.

The summit invited officials from governments of China and UK in areas of PPP, leaders from global multilateral financial institutions, PPP consultants, scholars and industrial elites to give theme lectures and exchange ideas.

The symposium of Structure and Mode of PPP Project Implementation ( Panelists are Mr.Chen-Yu Chang, Mr. Yi Min, Mr. Li Fei, Ms. Wang Jihong, Ms. Tian Lifeng, Ms.Tong Mei, and Mr. Xiaoguang Rui, hosted by Mr. Wang Dong)

Vice Director Mr. Zhang Zhifeng of Dept. of Laws and Regulations in NDRC and UK Official Representative, President Kirk Wilson of CBBC represented the two governments to address the forum. Prof. Andrew Edkins, UCL President's Representative and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, General Manager and Party Secretary of CIECC gave their speeches on behalf of the hosts. ADB China Chief Representative Mr. Hamid Sharif addressed on behalf of international financial organizations. Mr. Zhang Xuejun, General Secretary of WRSA presented in the opening ceremony as the special VIP guest.

Opening presentation by Vice general director of regulation and law department of NDRC Mr.Zhang zhifeng

During the presentation session, the speakers from different professional fields have given wonderful speeches around the theme of this forum. The speakers are deputy director (Mr. Hanbin ) of the ministry of finance PPP center, chief expert of PPP, director (Mr. Bin Ren) of transportation department in World Bank, director (Mr. Changchun Zhang) of macro-economic research institute in national development and reform commission and director (Mr. Kaimeng Li) of research center in China international engineering consulting corporation.

Purpose presentation by Deputy Director of PPP Center Mr. Han Bin

The main line of this forum activity is promoting the development of PPP mode, with equally respect of authority and expertise, considering both practical and theoretical problems, from an international perspective, discussing the possible difficulties and solutions in PPP application process, focusing on localization practice and the oretical innovation, emphasizing the effectiveness.

Opening presentation by Professor Andrew Edkins on behalf of the University of London

The forum was highly followed and strongly supported by the whole society, especially the UK Alumni. One of them is (Mr. Dong Wang), director and deputy secretary of UK branch in Chinese Overseas-educated Scholars Association(COSA), deputy director and secretary-general of Youth Committee of UK Branch of COSA ,Vice President of UCL Alumni Club (China) who has initiated, planed, organized and coordinated the whole forum activity. Others like (Mr. Min Yi) the president of the MBA Association and executive director in COSA, (Mr. Guangrui Xiao) and (Mr. Qiang Wang) have also participated in the discussion as special guests. And also (Mr. Zheng Yang) were hosting the forum activities for two days.

Opening presentation by Mr. Kirk Wilson, the China President of China-Britain Business Council

The success of hosting this forum will better promote the development of PPP mechanim in China, further strengthening the cooperation and continuing deepening the exchanges between China and UK in the field of PPP, to build the"golden era" of 21st century global comprehensive strategic partnership, and even to share the successful experiences of PPP mode to the rest of the world, to make a greater contribution to the international prosperity and common development.

The symposium of PPP Project Financing ( Panelists are Professor Wang Shouqing, Mr. Paul Smith, Mr. Fan Bin, Mr. Wang Qiang, and Mr. Li Maonian, hosted by Mr. Zhang Liao)