UCL Club of Beijing

Those Debates about Startups

It seems lots of debates happened.

This forum is held by UCLCB, LinkedIn, Plug and Play and MyDreamPlus, providing access to the talent pool and capital for startups.

Nearly 60 startup CEOs who have been studying in UK joined this forum, including Scent Library CEO Chao Ye, GeniusAtWork CEO Jinlong Wang, LeFun CEO ZhangYang and Li Changlin, XiaoXiao CEO ZhangYan and many others.

Du Juan, the COO of LinkedIn is introducing the Chitu App.

Zhao Chen, Partner of Plug and Play, introdcing how PNP supporting startups.

Thanks MyDreamPlus for their venue.

There are nearly 10 MyDreamPlus co-working space at various places, including BaiZiWan, WangJing, JianGuoMen, YongHeGong, ZhongGuanCun, full of high tech and design.

Thanks 爱U味 for catering.

Thanks GeniusAtWork for UCL theme cake.

Thanks UCL Club of Beijing commitee members for their devotion.

The UCL graduates forge a lifelong community. Our alumni continue to participate in the UCL ecosystem, and those who are working on a startup post-graduation continue to receive pitching and mentoring opportunities within the ecosystem.

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