UCL Club of Beijing


On the morning of June 18, 2017, eight volunteers from both the UCL Club of Beijing and 51Give visited Angel's Home. Angel's Home is a children's relief agency located at Niulanshan Town, Shunyi District, Beijing.

When the volunteers arrived, they were requested by Angel's Home staff to put on shoe covers and sterilize their hands. The volunteers visited a total of fifteen one year old toddlers who were suffering from various congenital diseases. Three nannies were responsible for taking care of the kids. The volunteers assisted the nannies by playing with the kids and feeding them apple sauce and water. They changed their diapers and watched videos together. When music time came, their excited little bodies danced and bounced with joy. Each kid's little faces were filled with happiness and delight which greatly inspired and deeply affected the volunteers there.

When lunch time arrived, volunteers and nannies moved children from the living room to the canteen for lunch. After their lunchtime, the children would take their afternoon nap. The volunteers said their goodbyes to the children. The volunteers could not bear to leave in such a short time.

Before the end of the visit, volunteers donated 16,000RMB to Angel's Home. They wished that the gift would bring more warmth and hope to the kids at the Angel's Home.