UCL Club of Beijing

Alumni-UCL , 7th April, 2010

"UCL Advances" reception evening was held on 7th April, 2010. The purpose of this event is to introduce Tim Barnes and Professor Chapman from "UCL Advances" to meet and greet UCL and WRSA University of London alumnis.

The latter part of the evening was dedicated to self introduction and exchanging each other's contact details. A group photo was taken and the UCL Beijing alumni association is looking forward to the next informative and eventful gathering!

Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: Hua's Restaurant Beijing
Alumni: 28
Event Type: Sit down Dinner


  • Chen, The vice president, Western Returned Scholars Association
  • David Chapman, Department of Management Science & Innovation of UCL
  • Quan Chen, Former Head, WRSA
  • Hiu Ng, Head, UCL Beijing Alumni
  • Timothy Barnes, Executive Director, UCL Advances