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Career Opportunity Board displayed here is subject to the discretion of the UCL Club of Beijing (UCLCB). If there is need for posting here, or through our newsletter, please contact with us by email at admin@uclbeijing.com. All the information presented has not been verified by UCLCB and has been provided by UCLCB community members who should take responsibilities for it.

UCLCB is very delighted to launch such a platform for career development of our members. The purpose of it is to exchange information of high quality job, internship, scholarship and fellowship opportunities to the UCL student and alumni community in Beijing. The job postings are only accessible to our members who are always welcome to share and exchange information and opportunities.

All opportunities shared shall be sent to admin@uclbeijing.com with detailed description prepared in the following format:

Job Description
Company/Organization Introduction
Compensation Details
Contact Information

Please note that these job descriptions will only be shared within our club including members, UCL students and alumni.

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Volunteer's awaited: Legal Counsel to UCLCB

If you are a lawyer or a solicitor, or have had legal consulting experience, then we would like to invite you to become a general member of UCL Club of Beijing as legal counsel.

This is a voluntary job, you would be working with other voluntary committee members to make UCL alumni community strong and better.


  • Provide legal advice when committee makes decisions.
  • Provide legal advice about UCLCB’s operation.
  • Review important documents of UCLCB and those between UCLCB and other entities to make sure there is no legal risk for UCLCB.
  • Help draft important documents when it is necessary.
  • Other work decided by the committee.


  • University College London alumni. A bachelor's degree at least.
  • Majored in law and currently are working in legal realm (1-year working experience is required).
  • Passed barrister test of China.
  • Familiar with Chinese corporate law, legal institutions and legal procedures.
  • Like to work voluntarily for UCLCB and to abide by rules set for committee members e.g. obligation to take part in meetings.
  • Knowing about British legal system is an advantage.


Please send your resume and a photo to admin@uclbeijing.com and cc to secretary@uclbeijing.com.

D’Andrea and Partners Legal Counsel New Job Offer

Job title : Lawyer – Associate

Report to: Senior Associate

Location: Shanghai/Nanjing/Hanoi

Job Description:

  • Handling FDI legal and business advice matters.
  • Communicating with clients to obtain requirements and maintain updates.
  • Anticipate and communicate on legal and administrative requirements & opportunities.
  • Provide advise with clients for legally sites' management and review contracts.
  • Able to maintain and develop a solid client base.

Job Requirements:

  • LLB or LLM of Law with Italian BAR is preferred.
  • At least 2 years working experience in the legal field either from multinational company or law firm in China.
  • Familiar with general related legal concepts and relevant legal experience including ability to conduct legal research and work with external parties in case management.
  • Familiar with the operation of a foreign legal or advisory firm.
  • Excellent organization and communication skills.
  • Excellent oral/written English skills certified by TOEFL ( with other language skills is preferred).
  • Self motivated and self reliable with high ethical standards.
  • Good organizational skills and are methodological in approach.
  • Good team player with good interpersonal skills.
  • Be flexible and willing to travel.


  • Retribution appropriate to the skills
  • All the communication/document shall be in English language.

Interested candidates may send their CV to the following email address: m.wang@dandreapartners.com

Application open for research positions in Ecology, Geography, Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Services in China

Researcher positions at assistant professor, associate professor and full professor levels in Ecology, Geography, Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Ecology are available at The Reservoir Ecology Research Center (RERC) of the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CIGIT). The successful candidate must have a strong academic background at:

  • Population Ecology, Community Ecology, Physiological Ecology (including plant, animal, microbe)
  • Limnology, Riparian Ecology, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology
  • Ecosystem Ecology, Ecosystem Services, Global Ecology
  • Computational Biology, Biostatistics, Ecological Modelling
  • Physical Geography and Ecological Remote Sensing


Consistent with our requirements, we are especially interested in candidates who show promise to engage intellectually across the multiple-disciplinary fields, to advance a more integrated understanding of reservoir ecology and ecosystems. We are also seeking candidates who can engage collaboratively with team members and participate in broader programmatic activities.

Terms of employment: salary, health insurance, and other benefits are included. The positions are for an initial 3-year period, with the potential for extension if deemed appropriate. Applicants must have completed all Ph.D. degree requirements prior to the start of the appointment.

Application: submit a CV, and a two-page statement of your research experience and interests in English or Chinese. The statement should further address how this position would advance your career goals and describe your experiences with and vision for collaborative science. To apply, send the requested materials to Prof. Dr. Shengjun Wu at The CIGIT at wsj@cigit.ac.cn, or, cqzp@cigit.ac.cn. Review of applications will begin 23,11, 2018 and continue on a rolling basis until position is filled. Remote (e.g., phone or Skype) and an on-site interview and presentation will be required of short-listed finalists.

The Reservoir Ecology Research Center (RERC) of the Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an international vibrant community of productive researchers with a strong commitment to reservoir ecology covering matter and energy flows, landscape pattern, ecological functions and management studies in reservoir ecosystems. A new University, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences at Chongqing (UCASC), is jointly establishing now with CIGIT. The RERC will be charged with teaching and training for graduate students in the School of Resource and Environmental Sciences at UCASC.

Contact Information

Mailing address: No.266 Fangzheng Avenue,Shuitu Hi-tech Industrial Park, Shuitu Town, Beibei District, Chongqing 400714
E-mail: wsj@cigit.ac.cn